The good habits I’m trying to keep

The good habits I’m trying to keep

Chinese New Year is the second chance of the year to fix new resolutions or to keep good habits. Here are few tips to stay heathy.

Smartphones are killing us, this is not new. We hear about that almost every single day. Media shows how much Instagram has a negative impact on young women life. And this is true, I think. When the first thing you do in the morning is scrolling Instagram, you may feel sad each time you wake up. To get rid of this bad habit I honestly had, I turn off my phone every time before I go to bed. Then, I can get a good sleep quality until the morning. And when my alarm rings around 7-7:30 (even the week-ends), I just wake up and start preparing my breakfast.

Instead of grabbing my phone to see the latest news on social media, I first write my dream, my goals of the day and feelings while I am listening to some classic music. I get ready for school or my first activity & here is the time to check my phone. And I do quite the same thing during my night routine. I turn my phone off, read an interesting book and, write my thoughts and my next goals.

Define a healthy diet

Food is also something very important. Having a good diet makes you healthier but it is not about ban ingredients from your dishes. I am used to eating a lot of fruits during breakfast. I mix them with oats and almond milk or just savour them alone.

I know it is complicated to have a good lunch when you are not at home but, I have a tip. I use lunch box from MonBento to bring my dinner leftover at school. In the first container, I put raw vegetables or fruits. In the second one, I put the main meal which I reheat at school. Sometimes, I also do salmon and vegetable wrap. If you want some recipes, let me know in the comments. I will be glad to share mine with you.

I cook my dinner in a very generous way. First, because I can enjoy it the next day and secondly, I think it is important to eat something substantial because we are not going to eat something for around 7-8 hours.

Move even if time is limited

Since I live in London, I force myself to run. I love it but I admit that it is not always easy. If I don’t want to run, then I will just walk for few hours. Even if the physical effort is not high, I will have the habit to move during this or this day. Also, I prefer to walk instead of taking a lot of buses or tubes. And London helps a lot when it is about to walk around. I have a friend who finds new great restaurants every time she goes for a promenade. So, you can mix the effort & the pleasure.

Coming soon : New YouTube Channel, Chinese New Year Parade, Dior Exhibition in London, “You” series review…

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  • Phone – I totally agree. Own your phone, don’t let it own you.
    Social media – even worse and more dangerous, every word, photo, attitude is sold on, including to China.
    Breakfast – I have the same as you.
    Moving – my son gave me a chrono watch, which motivates me to walk 10,000 steps daily, with Nordic poles for better posture.

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