Weird things about me

Weird things about me

I am not crazy, my reality is just different than yours ” said the Cheshire Cat. And I think it is true for everyone. Well, currently, I feel very different from other 25-30 year-old-women. I always felt like this whatever my age was but today I think it would be interesting to share you some weird things about me. First because you could know more about me & secondly because when I assume something really personal, I feel less strange. Be ready to unlock my world.

Picture by Jocelyn Dupuis
  • I don’t like holidays. I mean, I don’t like to waste my time doing nothing. I need to work and when I say work, I want everybody to understand to attend to my personal projects like my blog, my YouTube Channel, my novel and everything else which I can’t work on when I am at school or at my job. Every single minute I spend on the sand is a waste of time & a damage for my skin.


  • I hate sextoys & what people think about sex. I don’t understand why people prefer to play with a plastic instead of a person. But never mind, we are all free to do what we want. About people’s sex opinion ? Well, it would be a long debate. I think that I am openminded but I don’t to be a porn star who makes love to a married (wo)man. I know it is exaggerated but you know what I mean.


  • I don’t like mojito & potatoes which is really odd for every country in the world except Asia’s.


  • I can’t stand new feminism. In my opinion, there are the feminism whose the definition is (according to the Collins Dictionary ) : ” the belief and aim that women should have the same rights, power, and opportunities as men. ” So the No Bra Movement & the hairy legs power are only a buzzy side effect of this historical fight for dumb people.


  • I love to be alone because people’s reality is too much different than mine.


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