7 beauty products I adore !

We all know how hard is to find the perfect beauty routine which fits with our skin & the aesthetic we want. Due to the upsurge of the number of beauty bloggers/YouTubers who are advertising a lot of products, we can get lost. Many reviews push some brands into the spotlight & then, we can be disappointed by them.  I think I spent sever entire years of my life looking for the best of them. Now, I will never change my everyday beauty care & make up because I would never live without these seven beauty products.

There are only two skin cares I use. They both are from the brand Fresh. The first one is the Soy Face Cleanser. I use it twice a day. To keep my skin very moisturized, I apply the Citron de vigne lotion all over my body & my face. Since I found this amazing moisturizer made with Vitamins C & E, I stopped buying face cream. For long time, my pores were huge. When I started using this, my skin is smoother. From the same brand, I use one of their lip balm: the sugar nude tinted lip treatment. At the beginning, I thought it will be colored, so I was kind of disappointed when I put it on my lips. Finally, I think the shade is okay but the thing I like the most about this product is its protection against the sun thanks to its SPF 15.

Currently, I don’t really use make-ups because I feel like I am melting each time I cover my face with a foundation. It is very hot in Bangkok. But, I really like to tint my lips & I found my two favorite colors & texture. The two lipsticks I use almost every day are from Kylie Cosmetics: Poison Berry & Dolce K. Their color is very sensual, nude & simple. The texture of Kylie’s products is very pleasant. It dries very fast & it lasts longer than others lip stick I used. In the vast maquillage’s universe, I always loved the Naked Basics 2 from Urban Decay. This palette is composed by only six nude & natural eye shadows. And I don’t waste my time to choose which shade will be mixed with another one. To perfect my eyes & get a sophisticated look, I just have to use the Sensational Lashes mascara from Maybelline New York. I tested several mascaras & I was never such satisfied.

In bonus, my last beauty secret that I would never break away from is vegetable oils. I often use Castor oil. It strengthens my hair & my nails. I blend a few drops of rice oil in my body lotion to preserve my skin from sun & pollution. I use other vegetable oils. If you are interested by this natural beauty routine, do not hesitate to tell me in the comments section.

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  1. Bonsoir Lola,
    Moi aussi, j’utilise de nombreuses huiles végétales comme le jojoba, abricot, huile de coco pour prendre soin de ma peau que ce soit pour mon visage et mon corps !
    et j’adore aussi la palette Naked ! j’en ai acheté une pour Noël et je dois dire que j’adore les couleurs des fards chaudes et cuivrées !
    Bisous et bonne soirée

    1. Bonsoir Valérie. Je vais me renseigner un peu plus sur les bienfaits des huiles parce qu’à part l’huile de Ricin, de coco, de riz et le macérat de lys, je n’y connais pas grand chose.
      Urban Decay fait des cosmétiques géniaux.
      Bisous et passe une agréable soirée.

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