I am back !

I am back !

Hey guy !

Welcome on the new version of lolavienne.co. A while ago, I decided to delete all my blog & my YouTube channel contents because it didn’t match me anymore. First, because I left Paris to move to Bangkok. Second, I took a step back on the past two years I lived. A lot of things changed & I figured out that I grew up. Some of my interests became different.

I still appreciate fashion, literature, travels & photography but I really want to share with all my passions in a different way. I will not post regularly because I want to focus on the quality. Whether it is on my blog or on YouTube. Last year, I used to do the most just to prove something to myself & I don’t want to do this way anymore. I hope you will enjoy my contents. Do not hesitate to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay tuned because a new video will be downloaded very soon. Thank you !


XoxoLola Vienne

6 thoughts on “I am back !”

  • I was already wondering for a while where you were at and what had happened to your blog! Glad to read that you are back. Wow you moved to Bangkok in the meanwhile! That’s a pretty big step. Wishing you all the luck with this big change 🙂

  • Coucou Lola ! Je suis malheureuse car pas assez douée en anglais pour tout comprendre ! J’ai just compris que tu étais à Bangkok ! Hate d’en savoir plus en Français stp ! Bizzz

    • Oui j’ai déménager à Bangkok. Je vais essayer de trouver une solution pour que tu puisses lire. Gros bisous b

      • Alors, j’ai réussi à mettre un widget qui te permettra de traduire mes textes en français. Oui, je suis heureuse qu’Internet existe. Il m’a permis de rencontrer de superbes personnes comme toi (& plein d’autres aussi). Bises.

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