D-3 : International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day will take place this Thursday. When I was younger, I used to appreciate this celebration but right now my opinion changes a bit.

Everyday should honor women but not only. Each day, we should be kind to every people on the Earth & fight for all our rights. But, Thursday the 8th of March 2018 will celebrate the 109th International Women’s Day. In 1909, the American Socialist Party choose the 8th of March to remember of the women who protested against working conditions during the previous year. It is quite ironic because since then, some of us continue the fight. Today, women can be victims of salary inequality and worst, some of them are victims of sexual harassment.

About sexual harassment, last year, everyone heard about the biggest Hollywood scandal : Harvey Weinstein. Since then, there were a lot of sexual harassment accusation all around the world. It can be true but it can be wrong. I think there were fake accusations just to be under the spotlights. I explain my words. In France, a hashtag as been created to report every sexual harassment : #balancetonporc which means denounce your pork (it qualifies a man who has bad sexual behavior). And then, the #metoo appears. I think it was use in the wrong way. Denouncing is brave but it is unfair if you use social medias to lie about an invented experience. And I think, there was a lot of it everywhere.

I know some men’s behavior can be unpleasant but I think a man who tries to seduce you is not a sexual harassment, only in the case when you say no & he stops. But if you tell him no & he keeps going on what he wants, then this is serious. I think social medias have changed the perception of human relationship. In my opinion, each thing we do, or we say becomes a bad thing. But, this is another debate. It is very courageous to fight for something but today, I am very disappointed by feminism. I was part of it but right now, I think it became too extremist. Some feminist put all men in the same pot & it is unfair for men who behave gently.

If you want to read more about International Women’s Day, I found an interesting link. What do you think about all of this ? Thanks for reading. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.

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