I wear blue light blocking glasses by Le Petit Lunetier

Hi guys,

If some of you are able to understand french, you might know that I wear glasses only when I use my laptop, my mobile phone or when I watch TV. The last one I had were broken by my dog who played whit it, so I had to buy another one. I really liked my old glasses’ frame but I wanted to change a bit.


In France, there is a new brand which is a huge success. Every famous people are talking about it on social medias, so I said « Why not ? ». I went on Le Petit Lunetier’s website and ordered one pair. It proposes several frames specially circle frames. You can choose between three colors for each model & if you need optical correction, then you can add it for €44,90.

It was really difficult to me to pick one between all the choice I had, but I fell for the Jenna.H model in black. It cost only €49,90. I only take the blue light blocking, because I think it is important to protect our eyes from this kind of light.


I am really afraid of losing sight

Since I left high school, I am using more my laptop and my eyes are more & more tired. I really feel it when I turn off the lights and go to sleep. During all my journalism studies, I spent days & days in front of my iPhone and computer’s screen. Even when I was in internship. I realized that I had to do something for my painful eyes.

A few years ago, I was just about to lose my right eye, so I was very scared. I met my ophthalmologist who told me that my vision is OK, but she warned me about blue light. I made some research and I really recommend you to use a blue light blocking glasses. Blue light increases the risk of macular degeneration. It means that you can lose your sight gradually. Unfortunately, this light seems to be everywhere. So, if you want to keep seeing beautiful things, take care of your eyes.

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2 commentaires sur “I wear blue light blocking glasses by Le Petit Lunetier

  1. Coucou Lola,
    Je viens juste de changer mes lunettes car vieillesse oblige, je commence à avoir des difficultés pour lire de près ! mdr, c’est dur de vieillir 😉
    Le modèle que tu portes est très joli, ça te va bien et tu fais plus intellectuelle !! lol !!
    Bisous et bel après midi

    1. Je n’avais pas vu ton commentaire. Merci. Les lunettes qui filtrent la lumière bleue sont vachement reposantes quand je suis sur l’ordinateur. Mais un jour, je finirai certainement avec des lunettes de vue étant donné que mes deux parents en portent & que ma grande soeur s’y met aussi hahaha. Bisous et bonne journée.

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