The life I dream about

Hi Kittens,

Today, you will read a personal post because I will tell you several things about me which I don’t really discuss with my relatives. These months, I felt very upset about people who are always lying instead of telling the truth. I realized that they might not enjoy their life. Sometimes, I did like them : pretending. I really think about it & I figured out that this kind of behavior doesn’t match with me.

For several years, I used to be as perfect as I can to make each person I know happy. I always changed myself depending on someone’s nature & it made me very sad because all I want is a simple life without drama. I am not a person who makes problems, but I am a really sensitive. I can cry or be angry easily when someone disappoints me. If I can’t change myself to be stronger, I think that I have to stop seeing some people who give me negative thoughts. Unfortunately, some of them are persons who I really love. This point is most difficult one.

All of this brings me to imagine what would make me happier. As I said earlier, I just need a simple life without lies, manipulation & just a life on the theme of respect & anticipation. I mean anticipation because some people don’t realize that some things they enjoy can break someone else’s heart & mind. I can be in a big city or just chilling on the beach but wherever I am, I just need respectful & kind people. These last months, I really suffered from some situations I didn’t understand because there were lies. I know I am not a person to sorry for because I have money to buy everything I want but I think my life could be better without negative things. If I had advice for all of you, you have to try to get rid of all the persons & the situations that make you unhappy. Which me luck for this resolution.

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  1. Your post really speaks my mind! Last year, I have also struggled with people that are dishonest. And I also used to be a people pleaser. For me this was hard to deal with because I am always very honest and transparent. When people are not, I always get disappointed because it hurts when people play with your emotions. Good luck working on this girl! In the beginning it might be tough but you will feel better once you let go of all those dishonest people. Life is too short for drama! You seem like a kind person to me, you don’t deserve that 🙂

    1. You are so kind with me. Thank you so much for your comment, it really means a lot to me. You seem to be a kind person too. And I am very glad to talk with you.

      1. Great. Please visit and register yourself. You can then start sharing your content.

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