A piece of New York in Paris

Finding good burgers in Paris can be tough. But I found it at the PNY Hamburgers.

It’s in the 3rd district of Paris where there is a little blue & rose restaurant which cooks burgers. When you come in, you’re not in Paris any more, you are moved into a traditional American Diner. You can eat a lot of things as salads, starters, burgers & their delicious desserts. It is more expensive than a common fast food but you have to know that it is tastier and the value is better. A burger is about €12 to 16. You can add at least €4 for sides. Desserts are from €5 to 8. Drink side, there are several alcohol free drinks like Winter Corsica but I could not test it. Beer lovers will be happy to find a large choice of this drink.

I didn’t take a starter because my friend told me that the hamburgers were quite big, so I choose the Vintage Cheeseburger for €12 with the cream fries for €4.6. When we were ordering we saw a young woman eating Chia & red berries pudding. It looked so delicious, so we took one for each of us. The bill was about €23 for each of us. At the end, I was not hungry anymore, so I think it is a great place to lunch if you are burger lover. Here are all the addressees :

Capture d’écran 2018-02-12 à 00.08.01

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