Find your purpose with IKIGAI

Find your purpose with IKIGAI

In the end of 2017, Ikigai was known as a successful method to find your goal in your professional life. It has been on all French feminine magazine cover. What is it ? How do we use it ? I explain you everything.

As I told you earlier, inspiration is something very important but for some people, it is very hard to find it. There is a Japanese way to perceive it. For Japanese people, it helps to increase life expectancy, especially in Okinawa. This method is called Ikigai which means purpose or raison d’être. It gathers all the reasons that makes you get up the morning. However, Ikigai is only used to find a job according with skills & your passions.

To find your Ikigai, you have to visualise a rose as the one in the article picture. The circle on the top represents what you love doing, the one on the left is your talents. When they are gathered, it will form your passion. When your talents is fixed to what you can be paid for, it results your profession. If you want to find your vocation, you have to realize what the world needs according to your profession. Then, the therms passions, talents, profession and vocation should make you get your Ikigai and you should enjoy this work.

My own goal

I tried to find my Ikigai. I love photography, writing, filming, discovering new cultures and helping people in every way. I am good at photography, writing and filming (I hope). I can be paid for these skills and I think people deserve to understand the world as much as possible, its History and current affairs. My result can be journalism. I am very surprised because I studied it and, those days I was not really enjoying it because I was disappointed by how media work. With the Ikigai method, I figure out that it is not because they practice the job this way that I have to. I can imagine my own journalism. Ikigai really helps me to keep my goals even if it will be tough. Do you know Ikigai ? Will you try it ? Let me know in the comment section what you think about it.

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5 thoughts on “Find your purpose with IKIGAI”

  • I read your article with great interest and will study deeply IKEGAI. Nonetheless, I should tell you that having worked for 12 years with Shiseido, making very regular business trips to Tokyo and elsewhere, as well as video conferences and meetings in Paris with senior executives. The salary men, at all levels, are the least happy, passionate, motivated and decisive that I have ever had dealings with. And the most cynical. The Japanese corporate world has eliminated the the ancient life philosophy, taken away individual decision- making; when presented with a proposition the typical answer is the committal, « Very interesting » which means I am too shit scared to voice my opinion. The daily commute to office, Victorian work conditions, evenings getting legless drunk, returning to wifey at midnight is de-humanising. As for the woman’s life, when she has a baby she must quit her job – she is a virtual prisoner at home. This is the rule, of course there are exceptions. And, oh yes, a famous fashion designer, has had to travel with his « official » wife for 20+ years, in order to hide his homosexuality, which fooled nobody. So yes to the philosophy, no way to the reality of the imposed life style.

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