Be inspired, it’s the only thing that matters

Be inspired, it’s the only thing that matters

We all have something that keeps us alive even if when life is getting harder. From my perspective, inspiration is the best way to change whatever you want and it always comes with other concepts.

Inspiration is not only when you find the best idea to write a novel or a screenplay. In my opinion inspiration represents so many things as the open mindedness or simply the kindness and the admiration you could have for someone’s work. That’s why I truly believe inspiration is the most important thing you have to keep with you all the time. It can begin with contemplating the landscape behind your window or just respecting someone/something as much as you can. Inspiration really helps to see the world better than it is actually. It leads you to create something satisfying or maybe exceptional. That’s why playing music, writing whatever you want, dancing, filming… will always protect you from the absence of humanity.

To illustrate this, I can share you my own story. Sometimes, I get bored or sad. I always realized, after all, that the problem was a lack of inspiration. To me, inspiration is relative to a strong desire to do something or to be. Each time, I had a photo idea or a novel plot, I could overcome any obstacle life has put on my way. I was stronger, I felt like I was smarter and all positive adjectives that exist. Inspiration has always pushed me to go on and to be better that I was a few minutes ago. Each time I am inspired by something/someone or to do something, I feel a huge pleasure.

Tips to be inspired

My advices are not necessarily the perfect ones but now I naturally use it to be the (creative) person I am. First, I always read several articles from different medias to understand what is happening in the world & then, how I can change it (at my level, of course). It always helps to find an idea to create. Every morning & every night, I allow myself few minutes to think about me and how I interact with the other or how I can improve myself. I also write a lot on a notebook. I especially scribble my goals and my dreams. Traveling can also be a good way to be inspired because you explore the world and new cultures. I used to travel a lot when I was a little girl, since that I am an open-minded person.

Then, when you are at this stage, you will want to do a lot of things, to learn everything and to share all your ideas with others in order to build a magnificent work. The achievement of an inspiration will make you so much proud of you that you will forget any negative things around you. It is a good vicious circle. When you have tasted this feeling, you always want to start again. Tell me what is the most important & positive feeling for you. And I would like to know why.

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