Why I permanently straightened my hair ?

Why I permanently straightened my hair ?

Last year, one of my mother’s friend came to my house to permanently straighten my hair. I asked her a Japanese hair straightening. Three hours later, my hair looked like chopsticks. And I loved it. I loved it that much that I looked for a hairdresser who proposes this hair care. I found it on Treatwell.fr. The price was not too expensive, so I booked an appointment in Charmel Paris. The place doesn’t really look like the one on the pictures but this is OK. I don’t really pay attention on professional’s decoration taste when I go to a hairdresser. The provision was fine too but I really spent a pleasant moment with the hair stylist. We talked about literature, life and love. Our conversation was really deep and clever. Furthermore, we listened Edith Piaf’s song. I will always remember this beautiful meeting.

But… There is often some cons in my experiences. The hairdresser told me that the Japanese hair straightening doesn’t fit with my type of hair, and she suggested me to choose a Botox hair straightening for the same price. According to her, the Japanese way can only be used for  frizzy hair and especially not for normal hair. I really wanted something that will stay even if I do not use iron. She promised me that my hair will be the same as these I had when I left the salon but, when she was drying my hair she told me that I will have to use the straightening iron. So I don’t really know if I got ripped off. Let me know in the comment box if you have tried the Botox Hair straightening, and if yes, did you like it or not. I always prefer the permanent straightening hair because I can be lazy on the morning and I like to speed when I get dressed… In my opinion, this kind of hair products are less agressive than all kind of hair iron.

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  • I don’t straighten my hair with iron at all, but a while back I bought a kit to permanently straighten my hair at home (my hair is straight but not perfectly straight, and it’s also very thin – the kit was supposed to make it appear a bit thicker – by covering it with a thin layer of the product?). I bought the kit aaand… chickened out, afraid to ruin my hair with something so invasive. Still have the box but I don’t think I’ll ever actually use it, dunno why I lost my faith in that idea but I never regained it 😀

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