Why do I spend Valentine’s day differently ?

Why do I spend Valentine’s day differently ?

Hearts invade all the streets. Flowers are blooming even if it is cold. How can we forget Valentine’s Day ? While everyone is looking for the best gift, I am planning a normal evening.

It is all a matter of experiences. Each time I tried to prepare something in the mood of love, I failed. We broke up or in the best case, we went through a big quarrel which ended the next day. Understanding that Valentine’s Day brings me bad luck is quite easy. But I still have a few tips to spend this day as good as possible. For example, I remember that I went to a friend’s house with the Champagne Bottle I bought to spend a lovely night with the guy I loved… But he stood me up. That’s why I ran at my friend’s place and get drunk. I was very heart broken but it was a great memory. Or you can also stay at home with the one you love watching a good movie with popcorn.

The day of Love, really ?

Except my disastrous experience, Valentine’s Day is a commercial event. Well, in my opinion. Every shop finds its profits during this period by spreading all their marketing plans. It’s quite like Christmas but there are so many differences between these two celebrations. Christmas has a traditional story. OK, it is a religious story but it counts, doesn’t it ? Valentine’s Day is nothing… I didn’t find its origin even on the depth of Internet.

Sometimes when I think about it, I realize that Valentine’s Day can make us anxious : we are afraid to offer the wrong present or to make our love disappointed. It’s such a vicious circle… You’re afraid, you don’t do anything then you are both disappointed. I know I can get angry if my boyfriend is spending time with another girl than me on the 14th February but I think every day of the year should celebrate love, happiness & respect.
Even if I would love to plan a sweet evening with my boyfriend, I think I won’t. It is not his cup of tea, and I am afraid to be upset if he has planned something without me.

Anyway, are you for or against Valentine’s Day ? And I am curious to know why.

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XoxoLola Vienne

3 thoughts on “Why do I spend Valentine’s day differently ?”

  • Coucou Lola,
    Pareil, pas très fan de cette fête !
    Ce sont les petites attentions quotidiennes qui sont les meilleures et qui comptent dans la vie de couple ! je n’ai pas besoin d’un jour spécial pour dire à mon mari que je l’aime 😉
    Bisous !!

  • I am not a fan of Valentine’s day and it has absolutely nothing to do wih the fact that I am single. Like you mentioned, it is super commercial and if we love someone, we don’t need a special day a year to go all out and do something special. This can be done whenever you want. Great post!! ❤️

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