#beautyreview. The Sephora’s pearl mask

#beautyreview. The Sephora’s pearl mask

It has been a long time that the Pearl Mask from Sephora was in my bathroom. Last night, I could not sleep, maybe because of a high quantity of cafein in my blood, so I tried this face mask. On the back of the cute pink pocket, it is written that all the range of Sephora’s face mask is inspired by Asian beauty culture.

The one I used promised :  » Perfects and brightens with natural-origin pearl to create high luminosity and visibly minimize irregularities  ». My skin is fortunately not a disaster but aging makes me have some tiny imperfections that I can’t stand anymore.

Even if the Pearl Face Mask doesn’t change your skin at all, it brings freshness to your face and a lot of laughs from people who live with you. I am very impressed that it does the trick for a cheap product. Pores are minimized, the skin is very smooth and brightened. It is better than I thought. I’m just wondering how many times per week we should use it to get real benefits, so if you know it, don‘t hesitate to tell me in the comments because I really think that used on a long time it can really be a good product.


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