#blog : Midnight call & Chocolate

#blog : Midnight call & Chocolate

 » La simplicité est l’ultime sophistication  » – Leonard De Vinci 

dsc_4030J’ai une envie de tout effacer & de tout recommencer. Ça me prend parfois quand j’ai de longues conversations téléphoniques avec un ami au plein milieu de la nuit. Pour la prochaine année, je veux donner un nouveau souffle à mon blog. L’intégralité de mes anciens articles se trouve dans l’onglet ARCHIVES mais aussi dans toutes les catégories présentes sur ma page.

J’espère être plus créative et moins commerciale. Proposer des contenus de qualité nécessite beaucoup de temps, j’essayerai de publier assez régulièrement. Tout sera dans un autre style, un peu moins « enfantin » et qui me ressemblera certainement plus.

Rester simple & naturelle sera ma nouvelle ligne de conduite sur ce site. Lola Vienne, enchantée !


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    • Thank you, I confess that I have been absent from my blog for months, due principally to my déménagement à Marseille.
      SIMPLICITY is everything, follow Hemingway, Stephen King on « Writing » : minimise use of adjectives/adverbs. Edit by minimum 10%.
      LESS IS MORE: the most powerful sentence is « Jesus wept » and Hemingway won a concours for the shortest novel : « Sale baby’s shoes never worn. » Just 5 words!
      NARROW YOUR FOCUS : define your target market « You can’t please all the people all the time.
      As we grow older we do subscribe to « La simplification de la vie. » Yankelovich.

  • Thank you for your reply. I gave up smoking in October 1991 – the day Jean Paul Gaultier came to our office, as we were working together to create his fragrances. And I knew he hated cigarettes. My masseur told me that my skin gave off the smell of tobacco, even after a shower. I went to a hypnotist who implanted an image of my lungs filled with a sticky, stinking brown goo. Whereas without smoking I would be in a sun-filled room looking out on a white-crested blue sea and blue sky with white fleecy clouds. Purity. I knew that the demographics of smokers are: poor, white, uneducated, manual workers – the group that voted Brexit and Trump. Then I gave myself Pavlovian reinforcement: detecting smokers in the street, by their eyes and skin; and then fresh, clean, clear eyed folk with a spring in their step who are the non-smokers. I still do this. And I stopped smoking with no effort. Et je me souviens d’une pub à Londres où 2 gars dans un Pub voient une très jolie fille – l’un dit à son copain « elle est belle mais lui faire un bisous serait comme embracer un cendrier. Ugh! Try it Lola, it works – ça marche.

  • Since you appear to be living in London I dare to write in english. I applaud your resolutions for 2017. Yes – less is more. for myself I will aim for simplicity and truth in my work with Mission Locale and in Africa, (South Africa & Cameroon), on gender equality with ateliers talking to girls about taking charge of their lives and how to JUST SAY NO! There are too many single, teen moms.
    One request Lola – arrètes de fumer, ça gâche la beauté et la santé.
    Bon courage, Richard Beardsley

    • Thanks for your comment. Unfortunatly, I don’t live in London but maybe someday. Your work seems to be awesome. I will follow it because women rights take a hudge place in my heart.
      I try to stop smocking but it’s really hard to get off from this sh*t.
      Bon courage à toi aussi.

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